My Masters project was initially a continuation of my 4th year project however that soon changed! My inspiration came from the same place, geometric shapes in modern architecture, but this time, during my research stage I came across an image of a playsuit that looked awfully like a suit, it was very formal but had a casual edge. I thought I could use this!

My collection quickly changed from the menswear suit fabric to a unisex lounge-wear collection which I was able to inject a lot of colour into, I thoroughly enjoyed going wild with my different colour combinations. During my Masters year I made the rewarding decision that I was going to weave all of my fabric. I wanted everything that the audience saw to be created by me. This meant I took on the colossal task of hand-weaving 50 metres of fabric…


See what others have said about my work!…

After the Masters Promenade Show I was approached by The Glasgow Guardian, an online magazine for the University of Glasgow. They were very impressed with what they had seen regarding my woven collection and wanted to write an article about me. [page. 15] October 2011.

During the run up to the Masters Promenade Show I was a featured ‘ones to watch’ designer in the official Press Release. The Skinny, The List and The Glasgow School of Art all promoted this event.

‘Highlights of the 2011 collections promise to include work from Scottish weaver, Dora Hetherington, whose work re-imagines men’s pyjamas, creating something very unexpected’
September 2011.